LAND, WATER, CONCRETE, TERRE, EAU, BÉTON / Canal Saint-Martin, Paris 2023The Bronx River, 2018The Bronx River at The Botanical Gardnen, 2018 Pont Neuf, Toulouse 2024La Seine, Paris 2024Val-de-Marne, France 2023Courtyard of A Medieval Building, Lyon 2024Medieval Church in Avignon, France 2024The Cathedral Sainte-Cécile, France 2024The Cathedral Sainte-Cécile, France 2024Skyscraper in Midtown, New York 2021Grand Central Terminal, New York 2020Worker Outside Construction, The Bronx 2019Building with ROA mural in Mexico City, 2022Aztec Pyramid Ruins with the Cathedral in the Background, Mexico City 2020Monte Albán , Mexico 2022Pyramid of the Sun , Teotihuacan 2021Teotihuacan, Mexico 2022La Santa Cruz y Nuestra Señora de la Soledad, Mexico City, 2022Iglesia Nuestra Señora de Loreto, Mexico City 2022Historic Center, Mexico City 2020Church in Dijon, France 2024View From The House of Doctor Gachet, Auvers-sur-Oise 2024Tree inside factory ruins, 2019Old Factory in Beacon, New York 2018Vines by the Hudson River 1, 2018Midtown as seen from Harlem, 2019Gare de l'Est, Paris 2022Bridge in Lyon, France 2024Pont d'Iéna, Paris 2023Shipwreck, Greece 2017Chair on Beach, Greece 2018Hut on the shore, Greece 2018Caryatids, Athens 2022Theater Square, Athens 2016Mexico City,2022Mount Parnitha ruins, Greece 2018Abandoned Parking lot, The Bronx 2018Chainlink Fense, The Bronx 2020Tree Growing In Chainlink Fense, The Bronx 2018Sulphur mine, Greece 2013Stone wall, Greece 2023Taino Petroglyphs, Puerto Rico 2019Taino Petroglyphs, Puerto Rico 2019Cedar forest, Crete 2018Cedar Forest, Crete 2018People on a Cliff, Oaxaca 2022The Samaria Gorge, Crete 2018The Samaria Gorge, Greece 2018View From Kardiani,Tinos 2018Rock formations, Tinos 2013Stable in Varda, Tinos 2018Varda, Tinos 2013Tinos, Greece 2018Rock formations at Tinos, Greece 2013Stone Quarry,Tinos 2018Stone Quarry,Tinos 2018Roman Amphitheater, Lyon 2014Venetian Fortress Chapel at Exomvourgo, Tinos 2018Venetian Fortress Chapel at Exomvourgo, Tinos 2018Ruins of a Venetian Fortress at Exomvourgo, Tinos 2018Venetian Fortress Chapel at Exomvourgo, Tinos 2018Entry of Venetian Fortress, Tinos 2018Santorini, 2018Hozoviotissa Monastery, Amorgos 2018Delicate Arch, Utah 2000Temple of Athena at Delphi, Greece 2017Ancient Messinia, 2018Royal Tomb in Mycenae, Greece 2021Mycenae, 2018 Mycenaean Tomb, Naxos 2018Meteora, Greece 2016Looking South From Philopappos Hill, Athens 2019Vieques, 2017Death Valley 4, California 2001Death Valley 2, California 2001Death Valley 1, California 2001Death Valley 3, California 2001Amorgos, 2018