Donya Feuer, Cooperstown NY 2001Le chanteur Jake Shears de Scissor Sisters/ Jake Shears, Brooklyn 1997Le photographe David Armstrong à Brooklyn / The photographer David Armstrong in Brooklyn, 1999Maria Styllou, Socialist Workers Party. Greece 2014The author Richard Rodriguez, San Francisco 2015Stratos Tzortzoglou, New york 2016Lady Rizo, 2013Jacques Fieschi, Paris 2017Marcus Leatherdale in Dumbo, late 1990s. The artist and writer Paul Wirhun, 2015Sherry Wolf, activist and author in 2014Frances-Marie Uitti, 2003Yiannis Sifakakis, militant of Antarsya, Athens 2016Lady Rizo the Cabaret Artist, 2012Milton Resnick, painter 1998Javed Aslam, President of the Pakistani Community, Greece,2014Petros Constantinou, KEERFA coordinator, 2014L'écrivain Charles Henry Ford à New York / The writer Charles Henry Ford, NY 2002L'écrivain Tobias Schneebaum / The writer Tobias Schneebaum, 2002 New YorkPanos Garganas, Socialist Workers Party, Greece 2014The composer Elliott Carter, 2003Raymond Han and Paul Kellogg, 2002The poet Frederick Seidel, 2005Le poète John Ashbery, NY 1998Rosa, 2001Tulip in 2003autoportrait, 2012Sam at David's, Bed-Stuy 2000Untitled b,  NYC 1998Estranged, Bed Sty Brooklyn 2000Jeune homme sur les rochers /Young man on rocks, Athens 2015The Bensons, The Hamptons, 1999Jose at dawn, The Bronx 2017Silence=Death, 2012Dans le studio / In the studio, The Bronx 2016 Dans un champ de ver d'or / In a goldenrod field,  2014Jasper, New York 2002