"In his dreamlike scenarios Delatolas visits the empty isolation of America's post-industrial landscape, hoping for a glimpse of hope in what is both a romantic darkness and a metaphor for loosing one's way" Immigrants playing racquetball near Omonia Square, 2018Chevron Gas, 2006Death Valley 3, 2016Harlem, 125th Street, NY, 2004Newark Construction, 2014San Francisco, 2016Newark Warehouse, 2008Gowanus Fence, 2014 Curves, 2018Newark House, 2014Atlantic City Casino Roof, 2011Gowanus Recycling Yard, 2012Hackensack River, NJ, 2014Collapsed Pier, 2010Newark,2014Pipe fittings and valves, Newark NJ 2008Tree and mountains in moonlight, 2007Meat Factory, NJ, 2014Provincetown dry dock, 2005Newark Tree and garage,2002Schoolyard Trees, 2014Mars Deli, Jersey City 2017Deli in Newark industrial zone, 2014Chestnut Street, NJ, 2014Burlington Street, Newark NJ 2001 Newark  street pole cable, 2000Stiletto NJ, 2007Hell's Kitchen, 2004Abandoned GM factory, Linden NJ, 2010North Atlantic, 2014Paraportiani Church, Mykonos, 2013Late night reflection, 2012Rotation Lines, 2012Agave Plant in Vieques, 2005Cleveland House ThreeVieques Basketball court, 2005Fire Island Cherry Grove, Fire Island, 2016 Boy Sleeping, 2002Vieques Backroad, 2005Weeping Birch, 2007Rick in a lightning storm, 2005Rick in a field, 2006Trump Casino construction, Atlantic City 2013Cleveland House TwoCleveland House, 2002Fire Island House 1, 2011Fire Island House 3, 2011Cleveland House FourFire Island House 2, 2011West Side Pier, 2004Fire Island Moon,2011Fire Island Gateway,2011Gowanus Bridge, 2010Sydney Dam, 2005Radio Towers, 2007The Pines, 2011Newark field with crane, 2002Abandoned Factory, NJ 2005Gowanus Scrap metal, 2012Bushwick, 2009Asbury Park, 2000Metropolitan, Asbury Park, 2000Westside Billboard, 2007