Still Life & Mise-En-Scène / Libération Klein tribute, Paris 2022Glass of Water with Zetkin book, The Bronx 2020NY Times Pinochet obituary, Manhattan 2006The Pinochet Coup, Manhattan 2006The Pinochet Coup, Paris 2023Silence=Death, 2012Desk Still Life 2, PARIS 2024Vandalized painting in a church in Oaxaca, Mexico 2022Smashed Monitors in the Subway, Manhattan 2022Mannequins, Paris 2023Storefront damaged During Demonstrations, Paris 2024A Butcher Shop in The Bronx, The Bronx 2018In a Church in Oaxaca, Mexico 2022Still Life With Agnes Varda Film, The Bronx 2020Museum display, France 2024Bike in Courtyard, France 2024Tomb in Père-Lachaisse, France 2018Bathroom Mirror, Paris 2023Ligeti Obituary in the NY Times, 2006 Freud as painted by Gerhard Richter, Manhattan 2003 Still Life with Bellini brochure, Paris 2023Nun doll In a Cabinet, France 2024The Tomb of Vincent and Théodore Van Gogh, France 2024Agave plant, Athens 2017Cut branches, Paris 2023The Tomb of Frank O'Hara, NY 1997The Tomb of Composer Stefan Wolpe, New York 1998Artichokes, Greece 2018Fireplace Mantle With Statue of Lazarus, Paris 2023Outside a Funeral Home, Brooklyn 2012Dead Pigeon on the Sidewalk, Newark 1999